Donation of clean fleece blankets please!

From Sylvie, a student at Lord Byng Secondary School:

On June 22, 2019 at 9 am, my friends and I will be volunteering at the Door is Open and we will be bringing care packages to give to all individuals who are coming to the soup kitchen for a nice, hot meal. We are hoping to purchase, portable blankets and some basic toiletries for them to use. In Vancouver, we are very privileged to have exactly everything and have access to all the services we desire. I would just like to share our many gifts through the time we are volunteering as well as the care packages we have prepared for them. We would really appreciate if you could donate fleece blankets that are portable, clean and without holes or monetary donations that we can use to purchase the necessary items. We will be picking them up, at the Dunbar Community Center, by the end of June 21, 2019 (Friday). We are grateful for any and all donations.

Please email me at for inquiries about the donations. Thank you!