Dear Patrons,

As you may have heard today, a new BC Health Order will take effect at midnight today (effective Tue Mar 30) and be in effect for the next three weeks. Any low intensity fitness classes, including yoga and pilates, are affected.

Since we are at the end of the Winter 2021 season (Mar 31, 2021), classes this Tuesday to Thursday will only be cancelled for one class. Spring season for these classes will be on hold at this time.  We will monitor the situation to see if the classes can proceed at the end of the three week period, or continue to be on hold, as per the current health orders.

Classes cancelled (Winter 2021):

Tue Mar 30 Wed Mar 31
Osteofit All Levels Tone and Flex
Joint Works – Arthristis
Steady Feet
Pilates All Levels

 Classes on hold until midnight Tuesday, April 20 (Spring 2021):

Low Impact, Strength Works, Stretch and Stability, Tone and Flex, Iyengar Yoga – Level 1, Yoga for Men All Levels, Osteofit All Levels, Joint Works – Arthritis, Steady Feet, Pilates All Levels, Hatha Yoga, Gentle Somatic Yoga, Chair Yoga, Dynamic Hatha Yoga

* Some classes, like Canadian Institute of Tai Chi with Chelsea and Fun with Water Colour All Levels, are in this category, however, since they are scheduled to start after Tue Apr 20, they are not included on this list.  

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  Be safe and well.

Dunbar Community Centre