A healthy landscape is full of pollinators. Understanding the relationships between specific types of flowers and specific pollinators helps to explain why biodiversity is so important. The greater variety of flowers (including vegetables and herbs) in the garden, the wider range of pollinators can be supported

When you hold a frame of bees in your hands or taste honey from a garden you have cared for, your interconnection becomes tangible, and your potential is engaged.
By sponsoring Hives For Humanity, you create these transformational moments of connection, you bring people into the community, and you take a meaningful step towards saving the bees. Together we can foster a healthy, diverse and inclusive city, for people and pollinators of all kinds.

When the bees are excited they dance – they buzz and turn and waggle and share their news, whether it be of a source of food or a new home. Hives for Humanity have been sending out their own waggle dance – the launch of their new honey flight and the ask for support to bridge a gap in their funding. You can provide support by reserving a Honey Flight, linked below. A sweet and impactful gift for a friend, a centrepiece for a seasonal cheese board or charcuterie plate, a thank you gift for a colleague, mentor or teacher. A flight of four local neighbourhood honeys that shares a story of diversity, inclusion, impact, action, and hope.


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