salmonberry days fair

Salmonberry Days Fair

Thank you for participating and attending the Salmonberry Days Fair 2022!

Juliet 925
Bon Mano Bon
Bouges Shoes and Clothing
Give Your Dog A Bone
Art Cards by Valerie
Sandra in Craftland
Beads Ya
Cork by Design
Angel Crafts
My Sweet Nuts
Wren Creation
Beau Glass Works
Hats by Tracy J
Flowing From Grace
Belentina’s Workshop
Solasta Chocolate
Wonky Pots
Strathcona 1890
Don Asperin Woodworks
Scentimental Creations
Tea Lani
It’s A lulu
Sharon Buttler
Left Handed Booty
Periwinkle Designs
Windigo Beeswax Wrap
Simply Soup and Salad
Dunbar Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness (DEEP)
Dunbar Memorial Preschool
Tom Thumb Parent Participation Preschool
Dunbar Residents Association