Class updates:


Group Power 9:30am
Line Dancing 1pm
Dance Shape 9:30am
Zumbini 12:45pm
Tone & Flex 6:15pm
Zumba 7:30pm
Dunbar Memorial Preschool 9am
Baby Orff 9:30am
Orff Sibling Music 10:10am
Toddler Orff Music 11:30am
Hatha Yoga Intermediate 11am
Dog Training 7pm & 8pm
Guitar Upper Intermediate 5:15pm
All Private Piano Lessons
Adult Ballet 7pm
Adult Tap 8:05pm
Women Indoor Soccer 6:30pm
Pickleball 4pm
Basketball 8:15pm
Shotokan Karate 6pm
Yoga to the Core 6pm

Running or may cancel later:
Fit over 50 8am
Total Body Conditioning 10:45am
Hip Hop 3:30pm
Step n’ Interval 9:15am
Family Play Gym 11am
Grass Roots Soccer 1pm*
Cycle Core 9:30am
Adult Ballet 7pm*
Adult Tap 8:05pm*
Women Indoor Soccer 6:30pm*
Table Tennis 1pm
Abacus 3:40pm
UBC Changing Aging 9am & 10am
Create & Play 9:15am & 10:45am
* – to be confirmed (may be cancelled later)