About DCCA

The Dunbar Community Centre is operated jointly by the Vancouver Park Board and the Dunbar Community Centre Association (DCCA), a volunteer-managed, non-profit society and registered charity. See Board of Directors.

Our vision is to represent and advocate for the recreational, social, and educational interests of our community. Anyone who signs up for a program at Dunbar Community Centre automatically becomes a member of the DCCA for a term of one year, from the date of registration.

The Annual Report, which contains our audited financial statements, is available for viewing here:

The Dunbar Community Centre Association and the Vancouver Park Board share responsibilities for the operation, care and maintenance of the Dunbar Community Centre. Revenue generated by the DCCA from program fees, room rentals, events and donations goes towards paying part time programmers, program instructor salaries, supplies community and special events, supplies, front desk staff wages, program guides, marketing, office operations and statutory obligations.

The Vancouver Park Board pays for grounds and building maintenance, facility utilities, fitness centre and spin cycle room equipment as well as senior supervisor, some programmer and maintenance worker salaries.

Using funds generated primarily by program fees and room rentals the DCCA is also instrumental in the planning and funding of:

  • Acquisition of operational equipment for the facility
  • Funding and renovation of Dunbar Community Centre kitchens
  • Funding and renovation of storage and equipment facilities
  • Expansion of diverse programming
  • Expansion of dates and times of operation of the Centre
  • Special events, such as patron appreciation, Family Day and Holiday Craft Fair

The DCCA works hard to maintain and enhance the ever expanding recreational, social, and educational needs of the increasingly diverse and growing Dunbar community.

The DCCA is also tasked with ensuring all retained revenues are used for the improvement and benefit of patrons of the Dunbar Community Centre.


Represent and be recognized as a physical reflection of the recreational, social and educational needs of the Dunbar community.


Working with the community of Dunbar, Vancouver Park Board and Community Centre Staff, The Dunbar Community Centre Association connects local residents and patrons with programs, services, events and activities that foster social connection, learning opportunities, and physical as well as emotional health.


DCCA’s key values that guide the board’s decisions and actions as well as for which they stand to be accountable are:

  • SUSTAINABILITY – we will strive for sustainability in all aspects of our work including finances, governance, caring for the environment, relationships, and community engagement
  • INCLUSIVITY – we will be inclusive and inviting to all in the community
  • RESPECTFULNESS – we will strive for respect in all our relationships with an emphasis on cooperation and collaboration
  • INNOVATION – we will be innovative and dynamic in identifying and acting on community needs and in using best practices in all our activities
  • COMMUNITY – we will build and enhance people’s sense of contributing and belonging

The Big Rock

Part of Dunbar’s geological history. On May 18, 2011 a City work crew excavating on Dunbar Street came across a very large rock adjacent to the local Library Branch. Interested people asked that the rock be saved and moved to Memorial Park West. About 2 weeks later, 2 cranes lifted it onto the truck to move it to its current home at the edge of the play area near the Dunbar Community Centre. Technically speaking, the rock is called an erratic. It is made of very hard granite and may have come from the Coast Mountain Range or even farther afield. It would have been part of a glacier that covered Dunbar about 14 thousand years ago. When the glacier melted it parked itself on Dunbar’s doorstep. It remained covered with melt water, rock, gravel and sand until it was discovered by the city crew. It is estimated to weigh in excess of 40,000 lb.

Our thanks to Terry Slack for information regarding our Very Big Rock. See more information about Glacial Erratics on Wikipedia.