May 30, 2020

A Message from Hives for Humanity:

Hello All!
Thank you for those who attended our event online last night, for your questions and presence, and for your patience with a few tech issues (our Zoom account says we can have 100 people but we were unable to add people after 50 last night).
For any of you who signed up but did not make it into the call, our apologies for that: we are learning as we go on this platform. We have two offers to make up for that error:
1) Here is the recorded workshop – we will post it in our socials soon, please feel free to share it, and a note that it is unedited! The password to access is: 8R!2Y$1& 
2) We have scheduled another “Wonder of the Honey Bee” online for those that were not able to access last night’s zoom event. The online workshop will be held on June 2nd at 6pm. At this time we ask that only the people that were not able to access the live event last night register for the second workshop. Please register here.
Thanks all!