On April 10, 2017 Vancouver Park Board (PB) Commissioners approved a new Joint Operating Agreement (JOA), with the intention that it be signed with each of the Community Centre Associations (CCAs), including the Dunbar Community Centre Association (DCCA) by the end of this September.  The proposed agreement is for an initial 10-year term.  While there are a number of amendments that are considered improvements to the existing PB/DCCA agreement, there are some amendments that are new and substantive.  They include a requirement for Dunbar to pay additional PB staffing costs and contribute annually to a PB fund for city-wide community centre funding, an opt-in or opt-out membership model, and expanded conditions for use of revenue to include CCA purposes.

The DCCA Board is in the final stages of its due diligence in reviewing the proposed agreement.  More information will be posted by mid-September, and a DCCA special general meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 27th at 7:30pm at the Dunbar Community Centre.

The JOA Agreement and additional information can be found on the GET INVOLVED section on our website.